check-in service

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check-in notes

◆Please confirm your flight and check-in counter at least 40 minutes before departure, so that miss the light will not delay your valuable time.

◆ please prepare your id card, passport and other valid flight certificates; Pack your bags and line up outside the 1 meter yellow line.

◆ please put the prohibited carry-on items such as liquid items in the checked baggage as far as possible. Do not attempt to smuggle any articles that are not allowed to be carried or checked. Please remove the lithium battery from your checked baggage and carry it with you.

◆ if you are carrying oversized, extra-long or overweight items, please be sure to check in.

◆ please take your passport, visa, travel documents, cash, bills and other valuables with you

Self-service check-in 

◆ passengers using self-service check-in machines do not need to wait in line at the airport check-in counter. Instead, passengers can obtain all flight information through self-service machines, select seats according to screen prompts, confirm information and finally print boarding passes; The whole process is completely operated by passengers themselves, which is a new DIY check-in method.

◆ the starting time of self-service check-in machine is 18 hours before the departure time of the flight, and the closing time is 40 minutes before the departure time. Passengers with electronic ticket and no checked baggage can check-in at the self-service check-in machine, and pass through the security check and wait for the plane directly after applying for boarding pass. If you have any questions, our service staff will help you.

◆ self-service check-in point: self-service check-in area on the second floor of the terminal building