Airport Cargo

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The Cargo Terminal of Zhangjiajie hehua International Airport is one hundred meters away from the south of Airport Road, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City. The international cargo terminal of Zhangjiajie International Airport has been built through the renovation and improvement of related facilities and equipment in recent years. It can meet the domestic and international cargo throughput of three hundred tons. It is the second largest international airport in Hunan Province and the only international airport in Western Hunan and even Wulingyuan area.

      here are four international freight clerks in the air passenger and cargo department. It is involved in some business, such as domestic and international cargo entry and exit, air-to-air cargo transfer and door-to-door delivery. The transportation scope covers Chinese major cities, such as Beijing City, Shanghai City and Guangzhou City as well as Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Europe and the United States.

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